Promoting health and happiness through food :)


Who am I?

Hi, my name is Thomas Cuddy and I'm the person behind Nom Nom. Throughout my life I've always had a strong interest in food and the benefits it can provide. This interest is a big reason for me deciding to start Nom Nom. 

My attraction to the health and fitness industry started over 6 years ago and in the beginning I was as confused as most people. I did what most people do and went online in search of the answer that would solve all my problems. The confusion this created did more harm than good. After graduating with an honours degree in business I decided that I needed to act on this interest and get educated in the area of health and fitness.  

I began this education in training to become a personal trainer. At the time, and as the industry is today, the options available are skewed towards exercise and athletic performance. Body image, weight loss and getting shredded being the hot topic and the talk of all things health. This to me felt backwards and I could see it effecting individuals negatively. 

At this point I decided to stop training to become a personal trainer and focus on the study of nutrition, diet and weight management. In a way, I became a personal trainer for how you use food. I wanted to create clarity and useful support to those who currently struggle with food, health and happiness. 

What do I know?

As mentioned above I decided to take my education and focus it on the study of nutrition and how to apply the basics of good nutrition and health to everyday people. As of today I've studied nutrition for 4 years and includes 3 separate courses. Nutrition is an ever expanding area of study and my learning doesn't stop. 

These studies covered a wide range of areas including child nutrition, sports nutrition, weight management and pre and post natal nutrition. I supplemented these studies with additional courses on cognitive behavioral therapy and human behavior towards change. A big thing I've taken from my studies is that one size doesn't fit all. Each individual has many stages and variables within their life. This is why your answer to good health can't be found in one article on the internet or the download of one app. It's all dependent on you the individual and what you face as obstacles and want to achieve. My expertise lean towards behavioral change which creates the greatest opportunity for sustained positive change. 

From the studies I've completed so far I've became a qualified and recognised nutritionist (and/or nutrition adviser) for more information on this get in touch for full details on my certifications. Please note that it's important to make the distinction between these terms/titles. See the next section where is is explained.

Dietitian, nutritionist or nutrition adviser?

As mentioned above it's important for you to be able to distinguish between these terms/titles. 

Dietitian is a medical health professional. They are medically trained and are able to help you with the diagnosing and treatment of illness or disease. They're therefore qualified to prescribe you diets, supplements or substances. If you take prescriptive based advice off anyone other than a local health professional then you're putting your own well-being at risk. As mentioned as part of our message and core values, at Nom Nom we will not engage in prescriptive based advice and instead refer you to a medical health professional. 

Nutritionists and nutrition advisers are much the same. The term 'nutritionist' is similar to that of a personal trainer due to not being protected by law. Therefore anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. If you're taking nutritional advice from someone it's important to inquire about their background and studies. A good sign will be if they are recognised by AfN and if they are they'll have the certification to prove it. 

** Finally I would like to emphasis that although we won't engage in prescriptive based advice we don't wish to exclude any group of individuals with unique circumstances. If you've unique nutritional requirments and have consultated with a health professinal we are more than happy to accept you onboard. We are happy to discuss published literature on any topic and advise on a diet that fits your circumstances. Similar applies to anyone wishing to change to a new diet type (Vegan, vegeterian, keto etc). We will first advise that you consult a medial health professional but are happy to support you through this transition. **